No One Does it Alone

Humans are born with the knowledge to suckle.  It is what gives us nourishment in the first days out of the womb.  The rest we learn.


To learn, we often need a guide to show us the way.  A guide is even more critical if you are over 40 and need a job to keep your family and yourself fed and sheltered. Unless you have a good plan, you may find yourself chronically unemployed or vastly underemployed. You are going to interviews with two strikes against you to start.  Age is strike one and what you used to make is strike two.  Strike three will be the fear of health risk and lack of current knowledge in the field.


Having a guide to help you dodge these slings and arrows of doubt will help you conquer fears and win the day. I can help guide you.  I am a career coach who can help you come up with a plan to gain meaningful employment.  You are the hero. I am a Career Coach.


To learn more and receive a free session and book (plan 2 hours), please give your name and email below. 

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