A Good and Worthy Challenge

The question before me today is how to understand the problems of those I serve. I can go around and talk to people. Or, I can sit and assume, which rarely works out. I can follow the trends of society. I canwatch the web and see what’s being looked at. What I cannot do, is just assume that because I think I see a problem,others will feel they have that problem. One thing does not equal the other.

In electronics, currents flow because there is a path. Think of the positive and negative poles of a battery. There is an overabundance of energy on one side and a lack of energy on the other side. The current flows across the circuit trying to balance or equalize the imbalance by the movement of electrons to cause an equal status on both sides of the battery. When this has been accomplished, your battery is dead, and you have to replace it.

In the same way, peoplepurchase something because of an imbalance within their lives. It may be, thatthey are hungry, and they buy fast foodto eat to fill that hunger and balance their system. Other people will buy fruits and vegetables at a grocery store andhave some on hand to eat. Some people like to ride bicycles and buy a bike to ride to and from work. Otherpeople with the same need may purchase cars or subway tokens. Different people willsolve the same problems in different ways depending on how they define their needs.

If I built the best courses and wrote the best books that mankind had ever seen, and I did not adequately address the problems and values of those who use my products, in finding actual solutions to their needs, the work goes nowhere. And, I end up a failure. Therefore, it is important I understand the problems and needs of those who read my work and take my courses. And, even more, that I develop real and affordable solutions that will solve their problems in the most economical terms.

I’ve always believed that life is a challenge. A journey requiring great fortitude. Life needs to be shared, and that requires strength. Strength allows us to share both the good and the problematic. And with a little grit, we can do so without losing ourselves in the mix.

My goal in the months ahead is to look into how to better assist others. I do so, believing answers will be found and shared. At the same time, no one solution will ever work in 100% of situations. And in this, I see a good and worthy challenge to better solve the problems we all face during our time in this world.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


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