A Word of Caution

We saw people this weekend out protesting that they wanted curtailment of home quarantine.  They had their signs, some had their rifles, and they had what they felt was a useful purpose.  I fear that many of them failed to consider why the restrictions were put in place to start.

We are not new to pandemics.  Plagues have been a part of humanity as far back as we can remember and record, and then some.  The Black plagues of Europe, and the epidemics of measles and other illnesses brought by adventurers and forced upon the unprotected Native Americans of the western hemisphere are but a few.  The Spanish Flu of 1918.  We know what horror a pandemic can do.

We have an advantage.  With modern medicine and protocols, we can minimize the risk.  We know how to protect ourselves, and we know how to fight the infestation.  Wash our hands, wear a mask, and ensure that we are not around others that may be infected.

We do have some problems.  Rather than being told we will do X, Y, or Z, everything given to us is suggestions.  Those in charge expect us to be grownups and use our common sense to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.  Please bear with me as I explain why this weekend’s gatherings in different states allowed for the use of the first and second amendments and failed to show any forethought or common sense.

We are fighting a pandemic of tiny organisms.  Your rifles are not going to help you. The people protesting and close to others are probably the ones ignoring quarantines and have a better chance of being infected.  What did you share at the outing?  And for those in charge, do not be afraid to make decisions for our good.  We know there is a lack of knowledge, and that is OK.  Do the best you can.  No one can fault you if you have to change things as you learn more.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow. 

#donotbeafraid #knowwhathorror #notaroundothers


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