Are You Happy With Your Alignment

I have read somewhere that when we are born, our only knowledge is how to suckle and the fear of noise. We learn everything else in life as we grow. It is even hard for us to have memories stored in our brain until we have enough knowledge to accurately recall them. Everything else, we learn from someone.

We learned some things from parents and other family members. My brother learned from me how to climb the stairs (I wasn’t supposed to teach him that.) We learn from the friends we play with and others that we meet. We learn things at school, as much from our fellow students as we do from the teacher. And we learn from many other sources: radio, TV, movies, books at the library, just to name few.  Since everyone is different, not everything will line up with our inner self.

Some things we learn do not fit with what we are learning to be. Some things that we learned fade away before they take root. And some things stick with us and become part of the core of who we are.

We need to make an occasional inventory of who we are and where that comes from. Why do we act the way we do? And, why do we believe what we believe? We want to make sure our thoughts and our beliefs lineup with who we really want to be. And, if we are out of alignment, we need to discover a plan or a path to help us find our correct alignment once again.

In our societies, there are times when we do take stock of ourselves to see what is going right and what we want to change. These are usually done during feasts or after the big party. In my society, we hold a big party to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one. Then the next day we consider ways that we would like to be better, and we even make resolutions to do something about it. I’m not always sure that trying to change ourselves for the better the day after a big party is beneficial. And resolutions to do so typically fade reasonably fast. I recommend picking a time and place where a person can look over their deeds to date with sobriety and genuine consideration. If we are happy with our station in life and where we are going, that is excellent. If there are changes we would like to make, and we believe that these changes would help us to be better people, then we should explore those thoughts.

Although the changes will typically need to come from within, there are outward actions which we will have to take to accomplish our desires. Unfortunately, this is not totally an armchair exercise. We may need to read new books, learned to appreciate others and ourselves, we may want to find a coach to work with us on these endeavors. And we may want to change the way we do things.

The one positive thing that it is good to know is each of us has abilities and often untapped resources to help us in whatever we wish to actually accomplish in life. And, if we really want to do something positive in our lives, and we put our mind to it, very little is impossible.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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