Are you listening to yourself?

I know this phrase sounds loaded, “Are you listening to yourself?”

Good or bad with any phrase is how you take it. This phrase, the way I’m using it, draws neither good nor bad conclusion. The phrase only asks the question, “Are you listening to yourself?”

This is an important question because if you aren’t listening, how do you know what you’re saying? That is, not the words you say, rather what your body is saying. What is your body trying to tell you?

Our bodies talk to us all the time warning us that we should slow down or speed up we should take it easy, or take a walk. I always ignored my body. I believe that whatever it was, the body could get through what I was doing and when I was done, I could take care of whatever the body needed. This was obviously a result of too many Duke Wayne movies as a kid. 

Unfortunately, I put things off and put things off and then I learned a very valuable yet hard lesson.

The body gets even.

No matter how hard of hearing you pretend to be, your body will find a way to communicate. Mine did so with Meniere’s disease. It happened while I was on vacation and trying to keep up with everything.

Do I always listen to the body now? Well, I don’t want to lead you down any primrose paths nor any dark alleys. I do try, and yet it still gets away from me.  I do know this. The better I listen, the better I am.


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