At the Push of a Button

This week we are talking about planning.  Planning is a must to get to where you want to go.  Getting there is also going to take action on your part.  The first action I wish to recommend is not hard to accomplish, although it may have not been achieved yet due to psychological influences. 

I would like to give you an action that will definitely increase your power to think and to reason.  The first part of completing this is to stop for a moment and listen. Are there any outside influences that are stealing brainpower from you? Is that the TV set on? Shows make you think about what they want you to consider. Advertisements are designed to take your thoughts and attention. Even a radio that plays soothing music has its occasional ads.

Turning these things off removes obstacles that would cause you not to do your best work. The psychological part comes because when you turn off the electronics, you feel that you are separating yourself from the rest of humanity. If this anxiety shows up, just remind yourself it will be okay.

Without the distractions, you can think clearer. Thinking clearer means better plans. Lack of distractions means getting your work done faster. Getting your planning done more quickly means you can do more, accomplish it sooner and if desired, have more time to do other things which you want to do and may enjoy.

Removing advertisements that you have heard many times before and will hear many times in the future does not hurt. It merely removes a distraction. Eliminating television shows podcasts and other interruptions may just hand you a clear mind with which to think. And concentration on your subject matter has never hurt anyone.

Of course, as you have heard me say all week long, and I will repeat it today. Try this out for yourself. Start in small increments and try larger ones as you go. If it works here, maybe it can work in other areas of your life. Just a thought.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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