Be Aware

I am a rational person, and I believe you are one also.  We like to know things.  We enjoy knowledge and always seem to look for ways to use learning and discovery to make our world and our lives a little better. Although we are knowledgeable and rational, as humans, we find ourselves guided and controlled quite often by our emotions. We are also very emotional beings.

Life would be easy without emotion. Unfortunately, it would not mean nearly as much to us. Sometimes it seems as though our feelings are the spice that actually gives our life it’s zest. And we find that zest is often crucial to our happiness, and unfortunately, sometimes our destruction.

There are many fantastic emotions, among them are love, caring, hopefulness, belief in something better, being ecstatic, happiness, and many others. Yet emotions are shiny crystals with two sides. The other side might be hate, anxiety, jealousy, depression, anger, sadness, suspiciousness, and the worst, fear.   Fear, whether real or not, will lead to many of the other negative emotions.

It seems as though we, being people, crave emotion to appoint where if it is not present, we will make it up and believe it. How many young gentlemen or ladies have had an infatuation with someone else? Many have. They pretend that the other person is their boyfriend or girlfriend. They write the other person love notes and design beliefs in their minds that never really were.

How many have had something not quite go right, or the way they expected. This is not a perfect world; it happens every day. Unfortunately, some people will take the most innocent of concerns and blow them out of proportion in their minds. They feel ashamed and fearful about what others may think. What could have happened to them? They are anxious that others may find out or take their actions the wrong way.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand in our own mind if the emotions we feel are correct or not. It is always good to have someone such as a friend, a mentor, or a life coach with which you can talk. Most of the time, just getting the words out allows you to look at them and find things to consider. Having another person to speak with not only gives you a second opinion it also possibly gives you some detached wisdom.

We will talk more about emotions and fear during this week leading towards All Hallows Eve. Until tomorrow, please remember you are a wonderful rational person, and you should not let your emotions push you around. So learn and grow, and find the bright side out there.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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