You can do more than you think.  You will not do what you need to, though, if you can accept what is.  You have to start by realizing the status quo is something you cannot stand, and you want something different.  Dishes get washed when you are upset with a dirty kitchen. 

When the problem happens on many occasions, then a habit is developed. ‘I will clean the kitchen and wash the dishes at the end of each day. I do this, so the kitchen is clean at the start of each morning.’ Wala, a habit is born.

The harder an answer is to find and establish, the more displeasure you must have with how a problem affects you.  The world is never changed by those who can live with the present circumstances.  It only gets better when someone refuses to bend to the will of the commonplace and forces a change for the better.  If it bothers you badly enough, you will stop complaining and do something about the problem.

Many of the people who have made significant changes in our way of living are considered grouches.  They are only people who have found what will work better and refuse to allow anything else in their offerings to the world.  These forward thinkers toil to provide us a better way.

We, too, can provide our take on how things should work.  It is good to find better ways and efficient protocols for the things we do in life.  Remember, though, that the price we pay to succeed is often the obstinance to accept anything less, and that takes some doing.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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