Buried Alive

Today it seems as though we are being inundated with mail and email we never asked to have.  As Christmas neared, I found myself apologizing to the mailman once again and offering to kick in a few bucks for his back surgery.  I do not know where all the catalogs come from or how they found our names and address, all I know is that the sales magazines came in at a rate of up to 27 a day.

I would like to think it was a mass mailing, yet somehow I have the feeling we were being targeted.  To top that, the spam is even worse.  I can find over 100 spam emails on my computer every day.  I would keep them to show how popular I am, only it makes it difficult for me to see the one or two emails I receive from my clients and friends.

I cannot block email for everyone because I am looking for new clients to use my email to contact me.  And no, I do not have any outgoing blanket email adds right now because of all the trouble I see them causing.  I would prefer to build my business one person at a time.  I think that life coaching is better that way.

I know that there will be a solution with all of the spam we get, and at some future point, it will fade away.  The only downside to its demise is the fear of what might replace it. Then again, 65% of what we worry about never comes to happen.  So, why waste time worrying.  We need to concentrate on that which brings us and those we love some joy.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#cannotblockemailforeveryone #theyfoundournames #worryaboutnevercomestohappen


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