Cabin Fever

As our days of quarantine stretch into another four weeks, we need to remember that the good or bad that we experience is not in our surroundings as much as it is in our mind’s eye.  Wherever you are, your next month could be better, and it could be much worse.  Whatever you are experiencing, is controlled more from your head and less from your four walls.

Some people would hate being in a royal palace, and some would be happy in a barn stall.  Your domicile is just that, a home.  Apartment or estate, your place of residence is only that, the place where you live. Whether you are happy with it or not is up to you.  This function lives in your brain.

Make a list with three columns.  What you like about your surroundings, what you do not like about your surroundings. The third column is what you can change about your surroundings to make them more desirable for you. Remember, the problem is more profound than just someone or something.  The problem is the results of some action or interference, which prevents you from your desired goal. 

Look at the list from time to time to see how you can minimize the actions that give you discomfort.  As you do this, try to be mindful of your effects that cause others the same angst that you are feeling.   Consider what you can do to minimize their negative feelings. Also, consider the idea that if they felt better, you might feel better.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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