Can’t Do It For You

We’ve been talking this week about tools, mentors and other things that can help you. You need to remember, though, that every person is different. Tastes, desires, strengths, and weaknesses are all individual traits. If anybody else does something for you, they are working with their physiology even though they are thinking of you. This means that they would do their best, yet they could not exactly match your needs and desires because they were working off their own.

It is much better to build your own life and your own paths into the future. You will be happier with your results because you did the work than you would with anyone else’s. After all, there’s only one you, and only you know what you truly want to do.

This does not mean that you are totally alone. You need to talk to people, ask questions, listen to responses, and then put all that together to make your own decisions. You are the one who knows what you want to accomplish. Only you know what you’re willing to do to get to where you want to be. And only you can make those decisions.

Don’t sell yourself short. You can do this. Ask, talk, reach out, and try. Will everything go perfectly? I can’t promise you this, and no one else can either. Just because you don’t get a guarantee does not mean that you should not at least try. This is your life, and you are the one who is going to go out and live it. Everyone else is here to help, but the decisions and the rewards are yours.

Think about this for today, and tomorrow I’ll send you a blog telling you the things that we can do together to help you. Remember, if you really want something and you are willing to do what it takes, I for one will not get in your way. After all, I’ve seen so many thrive and win when it seemed everything was working against them.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.

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