Change Again

I have been professionally teaching about change since 2003.  I believe that change for a reason is much better than changing just for the sake of doing so.  Right now, we are changing out of a vital need for survival.  Although this type of change is hard and sometimes depressing, we still need to do it.  In this effort, we may again discover conveniences of a century ago. 

My grandfather managed a corner market in Reading, PA.  He would take orders by phone, box up the merchandise, and have a runner deliver it to the home of the shopper.  This method allowed for faster shopping (he knew the spot of everything in the store.)  And, the shopper could stay at home and manage it.  The runner would deliver the goods, collect the payment, and return to the store.

When the A & P came to town and put up supermarkets, they bought out the corner stores.  My grandfather gained a job stacking shelves for the supermarket.  It was a good job, and he worked nights.

Today, we can order online and have groceries delivered to our front door.  People did not like the change away from delivery in the 20th century, and they are slow to go back to it in the 21st.  I, though, am glad for the return.  With the virus we face now, I do not want to go anywhere a virus could be shared.  Right now, we all should stay home and safe as much as possible.

Good change happens, not because we are bored, instead because we hold a need that must occur in a different way than we have done it before.  Those who set out to meet new needs are brave adventurers.  They are willing to take chances to make life better.  The changers know they do their work while facing the slings and arrows of those who live within the comfort zone of normalcy.

As for me, I do like needed change.  If you do not like change, please let me know.  I will send you an address where you can send me all your quarters and dimes.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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