Changing Our Ways

A new year starts beginning of this next week.  A new calendar beginning is a traditional time that we set aside each 365 days to look at where we are, and where we want to go in life.

New years is the time when we evaluate our actions.  We promise better dietary control, more exercise, or a heightened control of our time and finances. The truth is, we are creatures of habit.

The annual exercise of betterment, spurred by a desire for growth, then plays out to ultimate failure.  Why?  Because the participants are working on the desired after-effect and not the underlying principles and actions that require a fundamental change to create the positive and desired actions.

Does that mean we quit, give up, and just return to our regular ways?  Not necessarily.  We can change, we just need to be clear on what we are doing.  To be better at anything does not happen by stopping something, it happens by action.  You need to do differently.  Better actions make the better you.

Giving things up just leaves a void.  In our world, absolute vacuums or voids do not exist.  Voids are danger spots were new ideas, thoughts and problems are waiting to rush in and play new havoc with the person who just wanted to do better.

To avoid the vacuum, try a new tactic.  Add the new actions you want to accomplish slowly.  Identify the root causes that contribute to the old actions and replace them with new actions that will help strengthen the new desired outcomes.

 Just as voids in the world are unnatural, so is high pressure caused by too many things in too small of a space.  Something will give.  In the case of change, something will leave.  Either the old ways or the new desires.  At this point try to keep the new and let the old go.

To better ourselves, should not be an annual occurrence, rather one we do in small ways throughout the year.


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