Common Sense

It turns out we all start with common sense.  Unfortunately, we become faced with a world that has forgotten what it can do for us.  Is the fire hot? Do not touch it.  Does someone scare you? Avoid that person.  If someone is kind and loving, seek them out.  When you perceive danger, stay away.  These ideas make sense. Don’t they?

Today, it feels as though many just want what they want.  People do not want to lose out on anything.  And, some folks believe they are entitled to everything.  The term ‘getting too big for the britches’ is sometimes used by onlookers.  I do not think such sayings are required. I do believe that ideas such as ‘self-reliance’ and ‘for the greater good’ are thoughts worth considering.

We never live in this world alone. And, if we did live alone, we would find it hard to have any lifestyle to which we became accustomed. We must remember we are social creatures. Being social is essential to us, even when it is at a social distance or in meetings through the Internet. We cannot deny our true nature, nor can we endanger others while practicing our true calling. We must, therefore, practice positive balance in all things.

Instead of lobbing disparaging remarks, let us practice care and understanding. Instead of finger-pointing, let us exercise a little hand raising in volunteering what we could do for others. Instead of blaming and complaining, let us strive to find good ideas and better ways.

The pandemic came on its timetable, and it will leave the same way. We may be left better or worse, yet the epidemic does not solely make the determination. The determination as to whether we are better or worse is up to us and what we do now. Actually, it boils down to a little common sense. Choose wisely, my friends, choose wisely.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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