Do What You Can

You are probably at home.  You are there either on a 15-day self-imposed time out or by order of a higher authority.  It makes no matter whether you are in a studio apartment or a lush private estate.  You are there.  If you do not exercise, you will lose muscle mass.  If you do not think, play mental games, talk with others, you will lose brainpower.

Want to do some neat things and even make a difference? You have some great tools to do so.  You have some things you do not like (quarantine), and you have a lot of extra time (being in the domicile alone), and you have a good computer (your mind)(gotcha 😉 )

The mind is a tremendous biological machine, yet it has to be used and be able to play.  Try thinking of something great to do from a dead start.  It is very hard.  Activate the brain and start doing tasks, and the mind, at some point, will say, “There has got to be a better way.” 

Do not tell your mind that something is just a certain way because you think it is.  Right now, you have time and, hopefully, the inclination to let the mind run with these thoughts and try to figure out something better.  Do not let the mind throw anything away.  Remember, most sleek gadgets that we use today probably started as real Rube Goldberg contraptions and then fine-tuned to easy-to-use marvels of modern consumer science.

In your mind, let the ideas have room to roam and grow.  Let them give growth to the visions that may better humanity in the long run.  Maybe you will find something that would make the next pandemic (probably will be another) more natural for us to handle.  An idea like that would be something worth having.

One more thing.  Write your ideas down and save them.  The mind may be a fantastic super-computer, yet it has a terrible memory.  Especially the more you use it.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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