Do You Trust?

It’s interesting to watch people sometimes. The way they move, the way they think, and the way they act around others. This is really not done for entertainment, instead, to help us to understand ourselves. For although we are each different, we each started off with the same set of genetic’s. The collection of letters representing a code that determines who we will be and how our bodies will work.

It’s interesting to watch people think, who and how they make friends, who they trust, and why they trust those people. For some, it is the trust of the family. For others, it may be the truest of friends who have proven themselves in combat or other ordeals. And for some, they may not trust anyone.

I understand the ones who have a hard time trusting anybody. I was one of those who could not trust others for a very long time. And I came to realize that I could not trust others because I did not trust myself. I had put my real self aside to meet the demands of others. And yet this is not a positive way to live.

To live a good and meaningful life, you have to trust yourself. To do so, you have to be yourself. And in learning to be yourself and trust yourself, you will learn how to trust and befriend others. Life is too short and our needs to great, to live as anybody but ourselves.

To live as yourself, you have to accept your frailties. We all have them, and if we try to live as what others want us to be rather than ourselves, those frailties will only get worse because they become hidden. We need to face ourselves, which initially is a scary situation in and of itself. And, we have to decide what is truly the best of us, and how we will use it in our daily lives. When we start this path, we start our trip to bettering not only ourselves but all those whom we interact with through thought and deed.

The act of becoming better with who you are is often an exercise of relaxing and being real rather than tensing up and being someone else.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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