Do You Understand

Most of us are taught to forgive those who do us wrong.  It is easy to mouth the words, and often much harder to complete the full measure of forgiving what happened and why it was done.  To accomplish the entire action of compliance with this act, we often need to put a little thought and investigation into it.

We need to consider all the facts and why the action took place.  For the majority of transgressions, understanding is relatively easy.  Excuse me for bumping into you and stepping on your foot.  The room was crowded, and the movement was constrained. The person did not mean to, it was just a problem of logistics.  No harm no foul

Other issues can be a little more involved. A person hit your car because he or she felt you cut them off, and wanted to get even.  Forgive? Yes, and at the same time give aid to the aggressor.  For he or she needs to learn how to control anger.  If you can help see that they get into an anger management class, you have saved them and others from having to repeat these problems.

When a person goes on a killing spree, they need to be stopped.  The thought process of what the killer was thinking, leading up to the incident, must also be ended. We must end the hate of one for another. Until we do so, we are plagued with murder.

We need to understand and accept each other.  The murder of others is never an answer and never justifiable. No matter what the reason or what the cause.  I realize that the alternative is much harder to initiate.  The needed solutions will not happen overnight.  Yet in the long run, think of the lives, money, sanity, and other significant items we will save and how far we can grow as a species.  We just need everyone to understand.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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