Everyone is different, and that is OK.  We each have diverse backgrounds, which help us to grow different ideas and different views on just about everything.  Not all correct, one way or another, just what we have learned through being where we have been and seeing what we have seen. And for shame on us, if we would want it any other way.

The astrophysicists and other bright scientists have said that we are in the most dangerous part of our existence. They cite that the next hundred years are the most critical for us, and we may accidentally do something that would hurt ourselves or cause our extinction upon this world. Don’t believe it?

Well, believe it or not, I would like to point out the famines in Somalia, and the surrounding areas were untold masses have died because of starvation. Even though the rest of the world works to send nourishment to those people, civil war and other strife prevent the needed food from getting through to those who need the nourishment.

So, what is the great benefit in the diversity of others? I would like to point back to the potato famine of Ireland. Potatoes were the heart of the Irish diet. Yet only one species of these tubers were grown in mass. When that species ran into a problem and stopped growing, starvation ensued. This most likely would not have happened if various species of potato were grown. If one species or two species failed, the other types of vegetables would still be there to eat.

Right now, we need everyone thinking about our mutual growth and survival. We need to put away the ideas that others are wrong merely because of their differences from us. We need to stop all the petty civil wars and saber rattling, which does no one any good. Our differences and our different ideas shared openly and without fear of reprisal are some of the things that will save us as push comes to shove in the future.

Please remember our planet, although graphically not so different from 5,000 years ago, is closer in communication, the time to go great distances, and commerce. This puts us closer to each other in sharing conversation, thoughts, and goods. We need to understand that just because someone has a different view, a different idea, or different way about them, it does not diminish the role and partnership as a member of the human race.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#closertoeachother #Everyoneisdifferent #ourmutualgrowth


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