Explosive Times

Put a world of people into quarantine for about four months.  Add a group of agitators that are looking for an excuse.  Give a horrendous social tragedy that is filmed and played over and over again.  Pull back a little on leadership and let it ferment. What do you get in response?  Anarchy on the streets.

Is anarchy the solution? No. Chaos will only lead to more bloodshed, fraying of laws, and fear, which will lead to more mistakes.  We need something better.

Is looting and burning a solution?  It takes one night to loot stores out of business and burn the business district to the ground. It will take a decade to rebuild to the point you were at when the burning started.  The burned-out buildings were your neighborhood. Your neighbors are now out of a job.  Maybe you find yourself on food stamps and the public dole. Will you be able to afford housing? At the end of looting and burning, what have you done that helps anyone?

The time is for all parties to reach out and find common ground to talk.  Stop playing atrocities on TV and online every 15 minutes.  Protests are best when they are non-violent.  All parties should march together in solidarity against hatred, not just focus violence on each other. If we have come this far as a country, we should have the ability to fix this and move forward as a nation.

It is one man’s opinion.  Let us fix this without carnage and mayhem. Adverse actions do not lead to lasting improvements.  We can go forth together and find new ways to do better and make our nation the beacon of hope that it was born to be.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


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