Finding Your Zest

It is essential to keep moving forward. Just as a shark needs to keep swimming to keep water flowing through the gills to live, we need to keep facing our challenges. Something new to learn, someplace new to go, and something to share with someone.

When we are young, learning, going places, and sharing. We find ourselves with a lot of energy and curiosity. Above all the younger we are the larger our imaginations. And, there are always others to share with and learn from.

As we age, we are given the task of discipline, we keep having to keep our imagination in check. We need to do what others expect from us, and we are supposed to settle down. And quite often as we do this, we lose the zest of life. In losing the zest, we often start to age.

Is there anything worse than a young brain screaming to get out of an old body?  Or,  at least fighting to get the body to work again. Yet, there are some things you can do. Set aside some time each week which is your time and then do what you like to do. Maybe you want to go fishing or possibly take a hike. You can go to a movie or go for a walk. If you go to a Museum, you might be surprised what you learn, and what you think of during the experience.

One of my favorite groups is the Moody Blues. And one of their favorite poems deals with breathing the gathering gloom. If I may suggest, breathe deep and ignore the gathering gloom. Do not do what you cannot handle, yet always be willing to stretch your boundaries a little. As you learn and do, you may find yourself starting to grow again. Maybe not taller, and maybe wiser with a bit more pep and a bit more energy.

I am no doctor I cannot tell you what is best for you. You must figure that out for yourself with the advice of your medical staff. Yet if you are able to stretch the boundaries just a little, you may be surprised at the results you get.

This is just something to think of from the mean old master Sergeant.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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