Friday Counts for Something Again

Today I’m working from my office downtown. I am excited to be here. It is the first time since March I’ve been able to work A Friday in my downtown office.  And, to make it even sweeter, this is a 3-day weekend for Memorial Day.

My joke has always been that Monday has always been the most important day of the week. No Mondays, no Fridays. It’s not just the name of the day. It is the idea that the Monday experience is getting up and going to work, leaving the weekend behind.  Friday does the same for the end of the week.  Leaving work at the end of the week and moving on to the weekend relaxation.

When our lives become stagnant and one day just runs into another, it disrupts our whole routine. We find ourselves adrift and susceptible to depression. The choice is to continue to drift or get up and fight back.

We can do many things to set up new routines and expectations in our quarantine, nothing though, is quite the same as getting out of the domicile even for a little while. It allows for a return to what we consider more normal times. And throughout our lives, we always seem to crave the way things used to be.

As we go forward, we need to remember the lessons of the last few months.  We want to go back to normal, and over time, we will.  In the meantime, we need to remember our new lessons learned and do whatever we can not to face another outbreak of this virus. 

We also need to stand guard against any new viruses that may threaten us. After all, we are the masters of our fate.  We know we are smart enough and talented enough to handle almost anything that comes our way and even prosper from the experience.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.

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