Good Advice?

Friends, family, and others are always telling us what we should do for our bodies, and to stay well and healthy. Getting these bits of help and suggestions in articles is nice. There is one small problem though. We have over 3 ½ billion bodies out there, and very few are exactly alike. What we each need to do is find those good ideas that work for us.

Getting the flu shot could be a great idea unless you’re one of the 5 to 10% whose bodies get violently sick at the flu shot. Some people tell you to drink coffee and others will tell you to avoid caffeine. You have to figure out what is right for you. Some people will tell you your most creative part of the day is early morning. I had a Great Aunt who got up at two in the afternoon and was very creative and active until about three in the morning. It was just how her body worked best.

I’m not saying ignore the advice of others. What I am saying is give it a try and see if it really is for you. Not every piece of information you are going to receive or read or hear about is going to be good advice for you personally. No one writing an article thousands of miles away will be entirely accurate for you. Especially, if the article writer has never met you.

President Reagan introduced us to an excellent Russian proverb of trust but verify. I would like to tell you another thought, “try and assess.” You won’t know how good something is for you until you try it. Testing in small doses is best. Then evaluate what you have tried. For it is through that evaluation that you will know what works for you and what is better left for someone else to try.

When trying new things use a little common sense. Some things are obviously wrong. I still hear my dad saying if everybody jumped off a cliff, would you do so? I know that common sense really isn’t so pervasive, yet I’m hoping each of us has some when it comes to our health and well-being. And please remember, if you’re going to listen to anyone, listen to the professionals who know you best.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon

#Knowyourself #TrustbutVerify #Tryandevaluate

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