I hope you’re having a good day. Good days, like most things, are planned. When you are asked if you’re going to have a good day, do you tell the person asking you that you will try or that you will? Now, you may ask me a question in return,” What is the difference?” It is a good question. Let me explain.

The answer to the question of having a good day states your real intention. If you’re only going to try, it means you’re not really committed to having a good day. It just says you’ll try until something gets in the way. Something will always try to get in the way and then your good day turns sour.  If you decide to have a good day, and you say so, then it doesn’t matter if a small concern shows up or not.

Time is precious. And you never want to waste it chasing after little annoyances. You should Take care of the things you need to and enjoy doing them. Do this because you know taking care of them means you get to have a good day.

If you have a bad day, you still have to do your chores and take care of other items that come up.  It just means that you feel bad while doing it.  Life is too short to walk around feeling bad.

The secret is you do have a choice in whether to be happy or not.  Happiness resides within you.  If you let others squash that happiness, you will end up sad.  If you refuse to let others steal your happiness from you, then, no matter what they do, they will never take your happiness away.  Only you control your happiness, and no one else can take it away.  Also, your emotional state is independent of what you are doing.  Each thing you do can be done with you either happy or miserable.

Whether you are happy or sad, the only person affected is you.  Those around you have their own happiness and sadness to deal with.  They will each have to decide which they want to enjoy.  Just like others cannot affect your state of emotions, you cannot affect theirs.

This gives us all something to consider.

Thanks for being here to

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