How Do You Know

How do you know what you think is right or not? Did someone tell you? Were they correct, were they wrong? Did you hear it somewhere on the street or see it in a television program? Is the idea you have been told a fact or a feeling? Is this thought universal, or only on the local street corner? To borrow a line from NPR, inquiring minds would like to know.

How many people have you seen start off on excellent intentions with some terrible information? It happens more than you think, and all the reported cases that you see in the news or read about in articles are only the tip of an enormous iceberg. To keep your flotilla of ideas from crashing on the sea of life, a first step is to verify the facts. Some find out what is out there, and others just keep on crashing into ice.

This week we are going to look at ways we can do some research and plot a course around obstacles that have the tendency to get in our way. In this day and age, between cell phones, tablets, and computers, we have better access to the correct information than any other time in history. Those who want to know, check it out.

I will bet some did not finish the last sentence before objections rose that everything on the Internet is fake. Well, you are partly right. If you draw all your conclusions from gossip and rumor sites, the integrity of that data is probably in question. If you research on reputable websites, the chances of authentic information are much higher. Even on the best of research sites, if somebody is citing a study or research, and if you really need to know how accurate it is, you must find out who funded the research. Data sometimes gets skewed by who pays the bill.

The mere idea that you have taken the time and energy to find information puts you on a better road towards your future.  Also, check with mentors and supporters who you trust. To walk a long trail on the statement of only one person shows you must trust them very much.  Walk wisely.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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