How to Be Your Keeper

Sometimes in our lives, we have bad things happen to us.  At these times, it is easy to blame others and play the ‘Woe Is Me’ card.  Some expect others to come along and pick them up and make them whole again.  Unfortunately, when the pity card plays once too often, something can crack, and the person can lose themselves in a sea of self-pity.

We must do our best and exhaust our Talents and abilities before asking for others to aid, and do for us.  We have more skills, strength, and talent than we think.  We are the ones who know who we are and what we need.  Handing the role to anyone else unless absolutely necessary would only give us a lesser portion.

Even worse than the lower portion would be the concern that we may not get what we need at all.  We may only receive an idea of what someone else thinks we need.  That is not good for us and not good for the person striving to help us.

We received our talents and a stake in life so that we can go forth and do great things with our abilities.  It is easy at first to hide your skills and ask those with more talents for part of theirs.  The act of doing so, though, short changes you and hurts your abilities.  For talents, like muscles, only grow when stretched and torn through hard work.  Until you put your own talents to the hard tests, you will never know how precious your abilities are to you.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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