It Happened Again Last Night

It happened again last night. Reporting has gone on since early this morning and unfortunately, another day is framed. The pundits and prognosticators will be gathering in pronouncing their beliefs once again. And once again no one will get to the core of the problem.

If there were no guns, there would be bombs. Without bombs, there would be knives, sticks, and stones. Everybody will focus on the methods both pro and con and once again the core of the problem will be ignored.

We dare not look at the core itself, for it bears too much angst and shame. There is a pain in the mind that cuts the soul, and once again it replays the same. Limiting the methods only limits the count the ending is still the same. We can point the fingers and call others out, yet in the end, we are all to blame.

It’s bigger than all of us you see. And it hurts, and it’s random, and it’s you, and it’s me. We did not invent this we are not that smart. It was handed down to us from the very start. When brother kills brother, the idea is unleashed, and it stays forever, down to you and to me.

You’ve heard me talk about this before. To fix this, you have to agree, what we really have to fix is you and me. The fix is not external, and it’s not easy to find. To fix the problem we each have to look inside.

If we fix the problem that makes people want to kill, we fix the problem.  Everything else is a band-aid

#Again #insideus #NotGuns

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