It’s All Down the Curve

Do you know what direction you’re going? Do you feel everything is an uphill climb? Do you feel too exhausted even to start in a direction? I have some fantastic news for you. Things are getting easier all the time., And, so is getting started on something.

I imagine most of the people who read this blog are on earth. I want you to picture our world as an orb and you standing on it. In relation to where you are, and the earth is, the world is below you. And relative to where you are it moves out in every direction Curving Down about 32.6 feet every 10 miles.

round earth

Any direction you walk in is walking down the curve. This only varies if you live near large hills or mountains where their rise negates the curvature of the earth for that point in space. So if I walked down the curve a quarter of a mile does that mean I’m walking up the curve to get back to the starting point? Not really

Were held on the earth by this beautiful thing called gravity. And gravity pulls us towards the center of our world. It does so gently, allowing most of us to skip or hop. And it is the gravity which follows us as we walk across the earth and allows us to still see the orb is the point under us in relation to where we are standing, and every direction goes down its curvature. Thus, wherever we stop the earth’s still under us. The horizon is still balanced around us (all things being equal on a flat terrain we should be able to see 2.999 miles to the horizon.) From wherever we walked to, from where we stopped, we are once again walking down the curve of the orb, or rather earth.

It seems that wherever were walking to or wherever were coming back from as we move we are moving down the curvature of the earth. At least by these theories, it sure looks like it. When you feel too tired to get started, just remember that at least you get to walk down the curve to get it done.

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