Just for You

Have you ever noticed how people will offer or sell you something that has been made ‘Just for you?’ You could have a car ‘just for you.’ You can have a house ‘just for you.’ Anything you think of someone will have an off-the-shelf item that they will sell, and it was designed ‘just for you.’

It’s noteworthy that people will build something just for you. Yet I am a little bit of a skeptic. Do they know you? Did they call up and talk to you? Did you tell them what your real desires are? How do they know that whatever it is they’re selling is just what you want?  Fair questions.

I do not mean to malign people who say this. I just want to know how they do it. Most companies start off with focus groups, usually set up by their marketing folks. They find out what the majority of people would like, and they start their engineering and design based on what those focus groups have told them.

As the design goes forward, and concepts are designed, based on what the focus groups told the marketers, the financial folks step in. Did you ever notice that the cars at the dealerships never quite look like the concept vehicles shown at the car shows? The answer to that is not hard to figure. Consider the cost of the concept car and the cost of the car at the dealership. Now, which one are people really going to purchase? That’s because the financial folks know that corners need to be cut to make the item for sale affordable to those they want to sell it to.

Does this mean that you cannot really get what you want at an affordable price? No, because you can. You need to buy from someone willing to listen to your needs and desires. And the person who listens to you needs to be prepared to add new ideas and abilities to their creation. And, they need to know that every time they design or build something new or different, it adds a service or value to their product. The manufacturer can use the added item in other situations if desired by others.

Those who are willing to build to the needs and desires of the individual need to look towards fulfilling the needs of those with a wish. That means their business is built on understanding and interaction with others. In a business like this, you have to be willing to start slow and work at helping others, laying a firm foundation to grow on. You will not start out selling a thousand of whatever you build a day, yet did you really have 1,000 customers wanting to buy right now to start with?

Actually, if you’re willing to listen and ready to build, you can probably give people what they desire and grow a thriving business. Don’t take my word for it, ask Rolls-Royce.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.

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