Keep Moving

Sharks are always moving. Sharks need to move to keep finding food and to force water over their gills so they can have oxygen to breathe. If you have a dream, you have to keep moving just like the shark. Sharks move to eat and breathe, or else they would die. You need to keep moving toward your dreams, or else those dreams could die.

If you have a dream and you want to follow it, you need to keep moving in that direction.  Sometimes the conditions are right, and you make significant headway. Sometimes many obstacles clutter the landscape and get in your way.  It does not matter if it is infrastructure, marketing, or the weather. You want to keep on looking at finding the workarounds.

If it snows one day, and you take a day off to do other things, that gives you time to breathe, reflect, and do something a little different. That is a good thing because everyone, from time to time, will need a rest. If it snows every week and you’re taking time off, you’re losing ground required for getting to your goal.

If you have a laptop, you could work just about anywhere. Although some of the venues are more conducive to work than others. Do your best and maybe make a list of what you could do best where. That way, if circumstances cause you not to be where you usually work, you have a list of things you can do wherever you find yourself.

The idea is to minimize the obstacles that get in your way and prevent you from making progress towards your goals.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#dreamscoulddie #keeponlooking #minimizetheobstacles


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