Knowing What Is Needed

When bad things happen, the first action to be taken is the preservation of life.  This is the most important.  Stop the gunfire, get the drunk driver off the street, or isolate the plague victims until they are no longer contagious.  When that is accomplished, we cannot end there. We need to move on to step two.

We need to understand what happened and why it occurred so that we can make changes to ensure the same thing cannot happen again.  These changes can not only be defensive in nature. Arming the congregation does not solve the problem, it just puts more shooters in a confined space. We need to remedy the root of the problem and fix whatever is causing these dangerous outbursts to happen.

Most of the problems that cause misery are not new, not isolated, and will not be easy to fix.  The act of going to the moon is hard.  So is trying to fix the problems we face on earth. We went to the moon because we desired to go.  We can fix the issues on earth if we want to. 

 We need to find ways to fix our problems here on earth.  We need to help all to learn, understand, and find new ways to abolish the underlying issues.  We can only succeed if we work together as one.  I am not writing this to give you a few moments of pleasurable reading.  I am asking for your ideas and help.  How do we do this?  Please comment and tell me your ideas and thoughts.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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