Life Is Amazing

When we put down our hates and fears and start walking together rather than marching apart from each other, great things begin to happen. We saw that this week as police and protesters put down their defensive natures to walk together in hope for better actions and understandings. 

Each side took a chance in doing so, yet each side also gained significant rewards for their actions. We are one country, and it is better when we stand as one rather than each group hiding in its fears and doubts.

Together we can do much. Apart we are constrained. Our understanding and knowledge when we are alone are at least cut in half. It is indeed better to be inclusive than exclusive.

Let us hope that this is a start towards new initiatives to work together in solving problems that have lasted for far too long. Together, we can work to resolve many things that have held us back in the past. We can replace chaos with cooperation. Everyone can pull in one direction rather than dragging things apart. Now, we have an opportunity to make great strides to rectify what we could not accomplish in the past.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#astarttowardsnewinitiatives #startwalkingtogether #tookachanceindoing


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