Live Wisely

Wise people do not shrink in fear of what they do not know.  Nor do the wise foolishly walk into dangers they don’t know anything concerning.  The wise become knowledgeable on many things that pertain to them.  They believe in continual learning and the fact that actual knowledge is where it is.

I urge you to be wise.  I am not talking about degrees and accolades.  Listen, look, and learn.  Do not panic just because others are doing so.  Understand the problems and concerns, determine the causes, and how to keep from being near them.  Do not let others tell you the sky is falling, or there is nothing to fear.  We know real-life lies somewhere in the balance.

Learn, study, know, and then decide.  To do anything else would be foolhardy indeed.  We are far to smart for that.  We now live in an age of enlightenment and continuous learning.  No one else can give us pause for that which we already know.

It is up to each person to do what is correct for them.  Each of us needs to act with determination and forethought.  We can do what we need and what we should do.  No one should live in fear or ignorance.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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