Mind Control

I find myself slacking sometimes. Not because I am not working, because I get sidetracked and am working on things that I really don’t need to do at that point. And I need to find a better way to manage what I do and how I do it.

I am a person who can be pulled off point by an annoyance of the computer not doing what it’s supposed to, or some other technical problem. When I hit a real time crunch, the television streaming services launch the latest season of a binge-worthy show which I have followed for the last six years. Or when I think everything is running well, we get a thunderstorm or hail, and I am asked to leave my office to provide comfort and protection to those in the house.

I am only a mere mortal, and I need to remember that when I am striving to develop books and courses and hoping that they will be the best thing since baked Alaska, I must give them my time. My problem is I come up with intriguing ideas, and I would like to have them done yesterday. I need to learn that anything worth doing is worth doing well. And I also must remember that time is an essential ingredient.

At my wedding reception, my father-in-law spoke of the heart containing a series of rooms. One For each person you love. As people come into your life, other rooms are formed. My father-in-law was very poetic, and his thoughts were very accurate.

Just as the heart makes rooms for people, when we work on multiple projects, and most of us do work on numerous projects between work, and home, and self, we end up with rooms in our mind for each project. Each room has positives and negatives. And each room must fit into the overall timeline of the mind. Not fitting into the minds timeline, will develop a very messy room because of neglect.

The trick is to only keep the projects and their rooms that you can successfully maintain. The rest of the projects should be delegated to others or discussed with superiors to maintain balance.  Keeping balance is akin to sanity.

Thank you for reading today. I hope to have another post out tomorrow.

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