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In life, we all look at things. We look at the road not taken. We look at the might have been. And, we take stock of the, “how did I get here?”

We should be careful when looking at what could’ve been in the past. We are mostly sane rational people who strive to do our best. Do we make mistakes along the way? Of course, we do. Remember though it is only a mistake the second time we do it. The first time we error we need to look at it as a learning opportunity.

If we can understand why something went wrong and set actions and motion to try not to do that again, we have learned something. Does that mean will always make errors only once? I am afraid not. Often, not careful, we can make the same mistakes again and again. The more we pay attention, though, the higher our great can grow through effort.

Some people make lists of do’s and don’ts. Others, draw maps with goals and milestones. Some people just say wow I’ll never do that again. And some people just chalk it up to fate.

I believe that fate is what we make of things. If I’ve done something wrong and don’t take some steps to correct it, I am likely to repeat those mistakes. I believe if I take positive corrective action, I am more likely to succeed the next time the same circumstances up.

Please don’t take my word for this. Sit down and take a look at. Go out and try it. In the course see what works and does not work for you. We may face the same good things, and we also face the same bad things. Just remember, we are all individuals.

Thanks for being with me today. If you’d like to learn more about this subject, or would like to add to it, please comment, and we can discuss it farther.

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