Mix it Up

Now that most of us are at home, trying to work, learn, or survive, we need to protect ourselves from ruts.  It is easy to fall into a rut without even realizing what is happening.  Getting out of a rut is difficult.

The best way to avoid a rut is to mix things up.  If you are a Gamer or a TV addict, try turning off the electronics and read a book for a while.  If you are a bookworm, play a game or watch some television. 

Doing different things helps us to stay fresh and helps us to avoid ruts.  Even the things we love can get old after a while.  We need to ensure we are finding new challenges and new alternatives as we make this journey in our lives. 

We are all travelers to a new destination.  The trip is akin to astronauts traveling to a new planet.  And like space travelers who count on their spaceships, our safety is in our homes.  And like those travelers, we are both moving to a new world that may seem familiar yet will have unique needs and requirements.

We do not know what demands we can expect from the future.  I believe we will need our wits about us to navigate certain pitfalls and new ruts.  To be ready, we need to keep our minds sharp now.  To stay sharp, I recommend knowing what is going on, staying in touch, and, most of all, staying out of the ruts.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.

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