My Four Cornerstones

Every time I go on an army base, I imagine this is true for all military bases, there are a set of signs to read after you enter the front gate. The signs are spaced out and remind me of an old Burma-Shave sign campaign. These signs hold the cornerstones of the Army.

The signs start off with I will complete my objective and ends up with I will never leave a fallen soldier. Everybody sees these cornerstones every time they drive on or off the post. It reinforces the ideals that every person in the Army lives to.

Just like the Army, every blog, website, business would be better served, and would better serve their customers, if they were built on four solid cornerstones. Each of these four cornerstones needs to be one tenant of the owners or businesses beliefs. These four blocks are designed to keep the structure straight, and the ideals growing upward. The trueness of the building depends upon the cornerstones first laid to support and guide the walls. It is my hope that the cornerstones I tell you of here guide my business and help you as you learn and grow.

I have four cornerstones which I truly believe. The for goals the cornerstones represent universal ideas. The first cornerstone is “You were not born knowing everything.” The second cornerstone of my business is “You can learn anything you want if you are willing to do what it takes.” The third cornerstone is “If you don’t like where you are and what you are doing right now, you must make the needed changes to be where you want to be.” And, my fourth cornerstone is “No one comes to you, you have to reach out to change.”

Each of the cornerstones, if given to you too fast, could thoroughly confuse you, scare you, or give you indigestion.  Over the next two weeks, I will add an article to the cornerstones tab.  Please read them and think of what they suggest.  Feel free to come back and comment on them and use the information if it helps you.  The first cornerstone article should be out by December 8, 2016.


Mike B.


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