New Possibilities

They say that some of the best companies are born out of times of economic hardship.  I tend to believe that.  I look at blue chips such as IBM, and others and I can see the results.  And, I know what the reason could be.

When we are in a depression or a major recession, there is a little more time to work the project and get it right.  You need to have a good idea to start.  The extra time allows honing for how the product presents itself and what it can do for the buyer.  It will enable the company to make the concept better before the need skyrockets, and all you can do is fight to keep up.

If the product is right, the demand will be there as the downturn in the market ebbs, and the nation recovers.  There are many reasons.  Some include some old and unhealthy companies that may fall by the wayside, and new commerce will step up to take in the slack.  New companies are more likely to purchase new ways, ideas, and machines to keep up with new demand.

I am not encouraging you to wait for a significant fall in the market to start your enterprise.  I am only showing you what happened in the past.  I am also encouraging you not to let a recession or depression hold you back from giving the world its next big timesaver.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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