Not in Here, Out There

We often know what we want to do, and sometimes we get out and do it. Other times it seems to sit in our mind, and we just keep mulling it over. The longer it sits in our thoughts, the larger the chance it gets stuck there doing nothing, and nothing ever really gets done about it. You can do a lot of fantastic things, yet if they’re only in your mind, you really haven’t accomplished much at all.

If you have an idea you want to pursue and it never leaves the mind, it puts you into the land of ‘Would have, could have, should have.’ Any plan you have that is worth something, desires to see the light of day. You should bring it from inside your mind to at least an action stage of ‘testing the waters.’

The plan you have in your mind is always a great and wonderful idea. You’re the one who thought it up, and you are the one who is storing it in your memory, of course, you like it. Your plan deserves to be brought out and tested. If you don’t take steps to determine if it’s really viable or not, you’ll never know if there’s something you have to modify to make it work or if you have the first of many hits and home runs.

Talking about your plans with others is priceless, and you do get feedback. Unfortunately, feedback alone does not make it work. You have to reach out and let your ideas learn and grow.

You would not stop your child from running in a potato sack race because you are afraid they might lose. You should not keep your plans from running their races when the time is right. Will there be wins and losses, cheers and tears, and bumps and bruises along the way? Yep, that is life. And in our life, it is how we learn. You would not stop your child from learning and growing, you should not stop your dreams.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again soon.

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