Now for A Limited Time

It seems as though marketing has worked hard to earn a bad name. And, sometimes it is even justified. Yet, I believe that marketing, when done right, serves an essential purpose. Our world is ever-changing, and in doing so, the invention and adaptation of new ideas and products need a voice within the marketplace. When done right, marketing can be that exact voice.

Marketing is informative in nature. It tells people what a product is and what an item can do for them. A little publicity will show off new products in their best light.  If you build something new that can help many others around the world and then never tell anyone what you have and what it can do, who Have you really helped?

So reach out and let people know. Be honest in helping them to understand the new marvel you have created. And of course, encourage them to purchase if this would truly help. The one thing one should never do in marketing is choosing to scare people into acting.

I hate it when some salesman says I have to buy today because the price goes up by 50% tomorrow. I often look them in the eye and tell them that if I show up tomorrow with the cash, and let the manager know  I will buy but only at the price he had offered for today, the manager will sell to me. Often, I think this tactic is used because the salesman doesn’t want the public to research and find other places where they could buy the same thing much cheaper.

Right now, I am starting to dip my toe into marketing for the very first time. I have read the books, studied the psychology, followed the industry leaders, and now it’s my turn. I do not plan scare tactics. And I do not intend to use pressure techniques.

I will openly tell you that what I sell is helpful for those who need it. And I will also tell you that what I sell will not work for everyone. What I will say to you is that it’ll do an excellent job for those who need it. Not only am I honest here, but I also happen to know there is no way I could fill orders and satisfy absolutely everyone.

You will probably soon see me on many platforms with the first offer and then a couple of following suggestions. You may have questions about what you see, there will be a way to contact me. Please feel free to do so.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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