Offer Your Best

We all would like to see our best foot forward. What that action actually looks like will be different for different people. And, ‘the best’ from each of us will depend on how long we have worked in the field, what situations we have been exposed to in our work, and how much flexibility we have to do our job our way.

Everybody starts somewhere. And none of us were born knowing everything about our professions. Even if we have intuitiveness for the job, which helps us, we have to learn, and that knowledge actually comes from doing. Reading books may help, yet, we only fully understand when we are actually immersed in the subject matter by working in the field.

Wherever you are in pursuing your professional standing right now, You are probably doing better than you did when you started. Also, the more you work in your profession, the more you will want to learn and know. Anything worth doing is worth exploring to make better.

You cannot wait until you are perfect to go out and do your work. Nothing will be absolutely perfect for everyone.  Yet the more we get out and work at our goal, the more we will learn and understand. It is this sweat equity that allows us to grow as professionals. We should never be ashamed because we don’t know everything. And we should always do the best we can, knowing that because of today, tomorrow will be better.

Most of us think we know it all until we really go out and try for ourselves. It is incredible how much we learn and grow when we admit how far we have to go.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again


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