Only You Can Make It Happen

Others can give you advice. Others can help you with ideas and support, and maybe there might be financing they can help you with. The one thing they cannot do is to make your dreams come true for you.

You are the one with the dream. You are the one who has to reach out and make it happen. You need to make it happen your way. Anyone who does this for you is making it happen their way. The one thing I can probably tell you is that if you have an idea that you want to see accomplished nobody else can do the subtle details as well as you can.

I know this puts the pressure on you. But that’s OK because I know you can do it if you really want to see it happen. What you need to do is get the advice, help, and maybe even financing, and mold all that into making your dream happen. It doesn’t matter what your vision is, as long as it’s right for you and helps others. You are the one with the dream.

Very little can actually happen in a vacuum. And as we have discussed before, anything at rest will tend to stay that way until acted on by and outside force. In this instance, you are the force required to put your dreams into motion.  Only you can breathe life into them and make them go to where they need to be.

I tell you this, Not to put undue pressure on you, instead, to let you know that your dreams are there, waiting, ready, and willing. Will they succeed or fail, I do not know. Neither does anyone else. Everyone who takes this step takes a risk.  Have some failed? Yes. Have some succeeded? Yes. Only you can cast the dice and take your chance. 

Remember, the more you plan and the more you qualify the advice of others, the better your chances may be.  Think about this.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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