Our Best

We do not find our best efforts when everything goes well. This time is ours to relax and take life easy. We will get some things done. And we will enjoy a little procrastination along the way. We are still good; we just are not our best at this point.

We often find our best selves when we are down and the odds stacked against us. Our best work shows up when we are angry and ready to make positive moves to overcome an insurmountable problem. It happens when we are tired of accepting the status quo, and we will do something to make it better for our comrades and us.

Being ready to fight overwhelming odds does not mean it will be easy.  Bringing everything to bear on a significant problem means you must have done or witnessed actions in the past, which you can draw on. Either that or you must have a great imagination on which you know you can count, and that can give you the right answers.

The more often you are right in what you do, the better others will trust you and follow you. If you are sure of your answer yet do not have a good track record, and no one else has an adequate idea, go for it anyway. After all, even a broken wristwatch is still correct twice a day.

When you can no longer work within the status quo, design, and execute your plan to make a change. Get motivated, and do something positive. You will feel better, and maybe the world will reward you.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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