Our True Wealth

Last night we had a drawing in a lottery for 1.6 billion dollars. And today, someone woke up being $1.6 billion richer.  No one knows yet who that person was, although we do congratulate them. It is a beautiful thing to be blessed with life-changing money, and we hope that the money helps people to change for the better.

I would like to mention, money plays a very minimal part in what makes us wealthy. Wealth is measured, not in what comes into a person as far as money, land and other tangibles. Real wealth is viewed as what we pass along and is mostly intangible.

Our real wealth is what we give to others. It is usually those things money cannot buy. A smile or a kind nod to a stranger, a hug to somebody who is sad, or taking time to listen to someone who has something to say, are all internal wealth measurements.

What we have in the bank gathers very little interest in comparison to the little things that we do for others every day. You may not see the benefit you accumulate on your actions, yet I can assure you that as these actions take place in the hearts of many, interest grows. And, you will find out in time, the interest you gather in the hearts of others will be shared from their hearts to even others.

It only takes one or two who are sharing goodness to make a whole block, neighborhood, or even an entire city wealthier than it ever imagined. Please remember that things are only things. Whether it is the school or a city or a state, or just the block we live on, it takes people to make things worthy and wealthy.

I just realized I’m a people. And you know I bet you are one too. I wish us both good health and good inner Wealth.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#caring #Kindness #Sharing

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