Powering Through

Sometimes in our lives, things do not always go as expected. Sometimes we have to accept detours, hardships, and pain. To keep going, we have to find alternatives along the way. The truth you have to understand is that you are more significant than anything trying to block you from your goals.

Sometimes you can use a superhighway to go directly to your final destination. Although, sometimes you have to find your way around obstacles. Yet, you never let those obstacles stop you from getting back on your track or cause you to throw your hands in the air, give up, and walk away.

Sometimes when you’re on the road toward success, you get hit with a deluge of bills or other costs that were not expected. This does not give you permission to quit. You need to take a step back, figure out a better budget that you can stick to, and look for other ways you can do things that are either free or less expensive.

You may not have ever experienced an avalanche of health concerns, yet I assure you they do exist. You don’t want to give up with that avalanche on top of you. You grab the shovel of determination, and you dig yourself out. You talk with the professionals, and you figure out what will keep the problem from slowing you down. You design your plan of what you have to do so this does not slow you down in the future. You take care of yourself, your body and your mind because they’re the only ones you’re getting. And you move on, to get back on that highway to wherever your goals in life take you.

I have seen people in pain. Hurt with migraines, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, and more surgical scars than you can imagine. These people do not quit. They power through the pain and learn new ways to cope because they understand they cannot reach their goals this side of the mountain. To succeed, they have to move over, around or through that pain to reach and achieve their goal.

I have seen this my whole life. What I’ve learned from this is to never bet against anyone. Some of the direst cases will come back to surprise you. They will not quit, and that is what allows them to obtain their goals.

If you hit obstacles on your way to your goals and are not sure of what to do, the answer is easy. Don’t quit…  Get the right information and power through.

Take care of yourself and thank you for being with us today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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