Putting It All Together

Thank you for being with me this week as we look at alternative ways to learn when time is in short supply. I just want to remind you of the old saying about getting something done. If you wish to do something, people will help you to find a thousand reasons why you can’t do it. All you need do is find one reason why you can.

The Wright brothers didn’t build an airplane by starting off with figuring out how a jet engine works. They looked at nature, watching those things that fly. They communicated with others who were working along the same lines and did so without an iPhone nor messenger to help them out. They came up with ideas and theories of what should work, and then they tested those theories to find which ones really worked. And their first working craft looked nothing like a Boeing 747.

Learning often means paying dues. This does not mean you have to pay them all at once. Sometimes the best knowledge is learned by sharing, asking questions, providing ideas, and yes, a lot of research. Those who want to do this can find their way by utilizing the time that runs through their fingers. Time playing games, time watching uninteresting television shows, and time staring into space are just three items that could easily be traded for knowledge.

Please think of these ideas the next time you really want to learn something and just feel trapped by all the things you already hold on your plate. They say that a busy person is the one you ask to get something done. And everything being equal this is true. Because a busy person doesn’t have time to waste on something and will do it just to get it out of the way.  Are you or could you be that busy person?

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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