Reaching Out

We have great ideas and great thoughts. These grand plans are often big enough that they cannot live only in our minds. If we keep them bottled up inside of ourselves, they go nowhere and do nothing. We need to wisely bring these ideas out into the open, sharing with others, and giving them the breath of life.

Magellan did not circumnavigate the world by only thinking of the trip. He took actions to acquire vessels and crews and set off on a route. The route was not easy, and although Magellan perished in a battle, his idea made him and his team the first to circumnavigate the world. He did something that had never been done before because he believed in his goals and did not give up when people said no.

How much do you believe in your ideas? The Royal Air Force is working with a group and helping to train young blind people on how to fly. There is a member of the Royal Air Force on the plane with a young blind pilot. And the young blind person is actually flying the plane. The young person even lands the aircraft. Imagine the boost of confidence this gives to the young pilots in helping them to know they can do whatever they desire if they work at it.

Imagine what you could do if you start to reach out and talk to people. Naysayers? Some. Yet, also others who may find your ideas intriguing and be willing to give assistance, either in input, which could make your ideas better or direction, which will show you a more natural way to accomplish some of your tasks. Help like this is vital and puts your concepts on a better track. After all, none of us know everything.

Consider this, and as with everything, small steps.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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