Some Things Are Just Beyond Our Control

In this day and age, we think that we can control almost everything. We get to go where we want to and when we want to go there. We also believe there is very little we cannot control if we really want to. Unfortunately, this is the hubris that gets in our way as we live our life.

We don’t control the weather. We don’t control the minds of other people and their desires. We do not control life and death. And we certainly have the hardest of times controlling ourselves.

How can I say that? Well first off it’s the truth. Let’s take a look at these ideas and see why they are so. There is an old saying that talks about how you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

The same can be said about people. People have their own minds. And people will do what they want to do, whether it is good for them or not. And worse than that, they will force their views on others. We could talk about smoking. We can talk about drinking. We could speak about many other instances. Let’s just take a quick look at disease control.

In America, Doctors worked hard to eradicate measles. Measles is a deadly disease for a part of the population and can carry with it some debilitating effects. Unfortunately, some people believe that they do not need the immunizations that protect them and their families. The problem is now the once abolished measles is spreading to epidemic proportions and some areas of the US. One excuse that is usually given is that they trust in the Lord to protect them from things. I believe that the Lord already did so when his creations, man, found the immunization so that people would not catch the measles. The question could never be, “Lord why did you not protect me.” When the answer would be, “My child, you were provided with an immunization that would protect you and your family.”

For all our experience in weather tracking and forecasting, we still cannot control the weather. We have global warming and chaotic weather patterns which affect us more and more each year. It snowed in Colorado Springs this morning and will be 53° by 4 o’clock this afternoon. There is no control over the weather; we can only watch it and wonder.

Some people are told that they only have so long to live. The truth is most predictions along these lines are often off. They also often suggest less time than there actually is to live. I have checked my body and even carefully examined the soles of my feet and found that I do not have an expiration date printed on me anywhere. Will I live forever? I do not know of any people who have done so.  I do believe that each of us is only here for a while, and we should make the most of our lives here. It would be terrible to be here and not learn, and experience as much as we could. We should just remember that we want to enjoy life and learn, and grow, and remember that we cannot control it.

Just things to think about.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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