State of Mind

Did you know that feeling richer or poorer is often a state of mind?  Did you know that sometimes the poorest of us are the happiest? Did you ever wonder why? This happens because sometimes the people we see as poor are richer than we could ever imagine.

Before you leave, thinking I am just one more crackpot, let’s just think about this for a second. We base our ideas of wealth on our ideals, and things we think are worth more. Everybody does. Even the people we think are poor do this. The only difference is the things we look at is riches, and the things they look at is most valuable are different.

A poor farmer or mountain family living in Appalachia may live in an old log cabin with no electricity or running water. Their bathroom is an outhouse, both summer, and winter. They may have to grow their own vegetables. Hunt for whatever meats the land can give them. And, make their own clothes. Because of these things we see them as poor. Because of the same things they see themselves as rich.

They are rich because they get to live with their extended family. They are free to do what they wish when they want to. They have plenty of exercise and live entertainment. And they live their life the way they want to live it, the same way their family has lived it for generations.

Others from around the world, who we look on as poor and destitute, hold the same ideas of being rich. They do so for many of the same reasons. They do not look at all those things they cannot afford, instead, looking at what each person has, and is happy with it.

There will always be people with more toys, and coins, and other stuff than we have. And, people who have less. My goal is to be happy where I am with what I have. Remember, it’s not the toys, it’s the state of mind.

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