Staying in contact

We are fortunate to be living in this day and age. Today we have many marvels which allow us to stay in contact with each other.  We have numerous email accounts, social media accounts, FaceTime, and other video chats. We can use these apps, whether living next to each other or half-way around the world. Yet having them does not make us connected.

If we are to stay connected, we need to monitor our connecting accounts and know who is reaching out to us and when. Then, we must be sure to answer. How much time do we devote each day to monitoring our accounts? And how many times do we miss things that we fail to notice?

 I have had people in a working environment tell me that they do not read or answer most emails because they get over 800 in a 10-hour shift. If you are in business and you are monitoring communications and know who is writing to you and why then you are doing more than just missing out on many opportunities.  You are setting yourself up for your failure and your departments’ downfall. You will need to stay focused on your communications for it to be of any meaning to yourself or those who count on you. To do this, you will need to spend time in front of the computer managing your communications.

Things such as CRM can help. Cutting the joke teller’s and sellers out of your email listing may help somewhat. Try to keep your business communication just that, business. Keep social accounts separate. And try to remember, at the office, you do not have to read the latest gossip.

I have learned, recently, how easy it is to drown in information and knowledge. Pour in a little stress, add a little bit of angst, and the next thing you know, the river of knowledge becomes a quagmire of quicksand. Now is the time for you to take control of things so that you do not have to face fate. It is not a pleasant thing to face.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


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