Taking A Moment

Taking A Moment

It is good every so often to stop, just for a moment, and take a look at where you are. This is important because as we initially set our goals and go to work on them, we often find ourselves in crosscurrents of other people’s ideas, their wishes, funding, life events and other things which push us off course. If we are not careful, our easy-going adventure from point A to point B could turn into an odyssey that takes us all over the map. Just ask an Argonaut.

It is essential for us to take the time to assess our progress and to make minor corrections before they start becoming significant obstacles. Most currents are tricky, they apply just enough pressure to push your momentum off the path, and yet they do so in such a way that they are hard to detect. It is vital to keep your forward progress pointed in the correct direction and do so with a light touch on the tiller so that you’re not zigzagging all over the place.

Some people like to do this at the beginning of a new year. The biggest problem with that is there is too much extraneous noise in that season. Parties, presents, people, and many more trappings of the season make it hard to get away and give yourself a realistic view. I prefer to do it on my birthday, which falls on a quiet week of the year in between all the holidays. This allows me more quiet time to reflect, to consider, and to find new energy and ideas. I can correct my direction if needed, and I can review any new ideas that may have come up over the last year.

I like the quiet time when I can get it, yet in this modern world with everything that goes on, quiet time is often a scarce luxury. If you feel you are selfish by taking a little time to yourself, be selfish, and do it. The truth is the time you take turns out to be of benefit to you and an even more significant benefit to all those you work with. Those you work with will benefit in a focused and rested you, who can do more for the people you work with.

So taking care of yourself, taking the time to understand where you are and where you’re going and coming up with course corrections that you may need or new directions you’re looking to explore is actually a benefit to everyone. When I look at it in this light, it seems as though it would be selfish not to take the time to explore, consider, rest, and correct. For shame on me for not doing more of this.

Thank you for being with me. I hope to be with you again soon.

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